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What Is a Watchbook Certified Authentic Watch?

Watchbook Certified guarantees quality and authenticity. Each watch is meticulously authenticated by our seasoned Swiss-trained horologists using state-of-the-art tools.

Dual Specialist Authentication

Every watch is authenticated by two experienced specialists using an extensive checklist to ensure a meticulous verification process.

Advanced Inspection Tools

We use state-of-the-art tools and our comprehensive checklist to inspect each watch, scrutinizing every detail for authenticity.

Guaranteed Authenticity

All watches sold are guaranteed to be authentic, providing you with confidence and peace of mind in your purchase.

Watchbook Rigorous Certified Process

Fine Details Inspection

We deploy advanced tools to comprehensively inspect each watch, scrutinizing potential counterfeit indicators on the bezel, bracelet, and dial and examining even the smallest details for authenticity.

Compare With An Authentic Watch

Our extensive watch collection allows us to compare suspected items directly with authentic models, ensuring accurate identification of discrepancies.

Precision Movement Authentication

Our experts utilize advanced tools and technology to conduct thorough tests on all watch mechanisms. This step confirms the precise functionality of the watch's movements.

Packaging & Certificate Authentication

We carefully inspect the box, papers, warranty card, and any accessories to verify the authenticity of the entire package and ensure that every component adheres to our strict standards.

The Tools We Use to Authenticate Your Watch

Witschi TimegrapherWitschi Timegrapher for Accuracy Test
200x Microscope200x Microscope for Fine Detail Checks
Dry Water Resistance TestDry Water Resistance Test

Why Choose Watchbook Certified Watches?


Certified Authentic

Our experts rigorously check each timepiece to ensure it is genuine and meets the highest quality standards. You can be confident you are investing in an authentic, original piece.


Warranty and Support

Our certified watches provide robust protection against counterfeits, ensuring that every watch you buy is authentic.


Secondhand Goods Dealer

Licensed second-hand dealer approved by the Singapore Police Force.


MinLaw Regulated Dealer

Regulated for purposes of anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism only.

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